Easy to Customize

Plug and play in Raspberry Pi(A+/B+ - Pi 2/Zero). Already as a choice in the DAC's lists of MoOde and Archphile software's audio players. Soon at RuneAudio! Stay tuned...

The best sound quality!

Low-Level noise. 9023p Sabre low noise technology. High quality oscillators and regulators. Only the best quality parts can produce the best quality results in sound!

LINEAR Power Supply !!

External Linear Power. A 6V 2A - AC or 9V 2A - DC transformer as a choice. 1A capability for Mamboberry, to power on the Raspberry Pi! What else do you need?

Latest News...

News: Volumio 2
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Your favourite Audiophile music player for Rasperry PI is back, in a total new shape and form. We’ve worked hard … Read More

Update: Mambo Media Player AND Mamboberry LS DAC+ out of stock :( Next batch in 10 days. Pre-orders will open sooner.