Introduction to Archphile

Archphile is an Archlinux ARM/MPD based distribution for Raspberry Pi (B, B+ and 2), Udoo Quad (also dual with some extra steps)  and Cubox-i targeted to users with USB and I2S Dacs.

Some of its features:

  • support for USB and I2S Dacs
  • recompiled mpd 0.19.9 (mpd-archphile) based on mpd-light from AUR  – niceness is set to -16 and lots of mpd features are disabled in each version (press mpd -V for more info)
  • ympd 1.2.3 web interface.
  • usb disk/flash automounting using udevil.
  • upnp/dlna support using upmpdcli
  • Airplay/shairport
  • dchp enabled by default
  • reachable with url http://archphile.local if zeroconf is enabled. Windows users please download this package to enable. In any other situation you can find the ip from your router
  • samba/cifs/nfs support – you have configure /etc/fstab  according to your own needs  by modifying the sample lines
  • default credentials:

username: root
password: archphile

  • various webradios based on Volumio github repository.
  • mixer is disabled by default. Use your amp to change the volume level. Ensure that system level is set to 100% using alsamixer command.