Mambo Power Supply for Raspberry Pi boards
Mambo Power Supply for Raspberry Pi boards

“One step more. One step further to higher sound quality.”


For the first time, AFAIK, globally, we introduce a very special and very new electronic part from TI, to our new and unique “Ultra Low Noise” Power supply.

And when we say “low noise”, we actually mean it.

With, the very well-known in audiophile community Talema toroidal transformers and the high quality ELNA capacitors, we have already, a high quality build.

With the new ultra noise Ti chip, which has the capability for 5V – 3A output(for the first time), we eliminate every noise from power field, in addition.

Αnd we are sure that the music community has been waiting for it for many years :)

Enjoy your “new” and cleaned Rpi system, with the help from Ultra Low Noise Mambo Power supply!

We are very happy about it!


PS. We tried to keep the price low for such an incredible performance DIY kit. A mid-range price aluminum case, with a 3D printed case panels :)

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