Mambo Bundle package(HD DAC+ – Mambo power Supply)
Mambo Bundle package(HD DAC+ – Mambo power Supply)

The first Mambo Bundle product!

Buy one HD DAC+ and one Mambo Power supply and you ‘ll get a 20% discount !

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Mamboberry HD DAC+ (192kHz/24bit)
Mamboberry HD DAC+ (192kHz/24bit)
Mamboberry HD DAC+ (192kHz/24bit)

Huge local filter capacitors from NICHICON and specific from it’s audio hi-end series “Muse”

Three new Ultra low noise 4.5 μv power supplies from Texas Instruments

Two choices for Ultra Low jitter Femto Clock :

  •     Crystek(Hi-End clock)
  •     – IDT(Low noise clock)

WIMA plastic film capacitors at audio low pass filter

ELNA audiophile bypass capacitors 

SUSUMU SMD resistors at i2s line 

New and improved design overall.

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Mamboberry LS DAC+ (192kHz/24bit)
Mamboberry LS DAC+ (192kHz/24bit)
Mamboberry LS DAC+ (192kHz/24bit)
We achieved to keep the high audio quality from Mamboberry HiFi DAC+ and give a more affordable price to this DAC.
Yes, we have accomplished it. We want to bring the best audio quality, to every house. To every music lover out there.

You ask for it. We made it a reality!!

  • XPresso clock
  • Nichicon capacitors
  • Sabre 9023p DAC chip

5V external power supply barrel connector(we suggest a Linear power supply of course).

Extra 40pin connector(ready) for easy mounting on Mambo Media Player or anything else that needs it!

2-years Guarantee, as applied to all products!

PS. No need for an extra power supply. You can power it up through Raspberry Pi USB power supply(for ultimate sound quality we suggest an ext. 5V Linear power supply. Not included). Look also to Mambo power supply page.

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