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With Mamboberry HD DAC+ and Raspberry Pi 3 B+ !

BE CAREFUL -> Choose your clock version from the DAC list!


We are very happy to announce the Mambo Media Player! 🙂


We have already include Mamboberry HD DAC+ and all the necessary accessories you’ll need for a high quality and user friendly, HiFi Media Player with a lot of optional elements to make it match your criteria.

You will need only a power supply(look at Mambo PSU for the optimal sound quality).

It is a beautiful box-case and we are very happy(and lucky) that we have found it!!! Thank you Nuxxi 🙂

You do not have to worry about the OS. You will choose it from the list and we will install it for you, with all the necessary additives that needed to be installed.

Mambo Media Player is an add on to Collybia DAC (Mamboberry HD DAC+). We had a lot of emails from people asking if we have a case for Mamboberry HD DAC+.

After a lot of research we found this beautiful case and with a small amount of modifications, we achieved to make it, the perfect “companion” to Mamboberry HD DAC+.

Raspberry Pi is necessary for Mambo Media Player to work.

You already have a Raspberry Pi ? No problem. It is optional!

Plug ‘n’ Play!!

The Mambo Media HiFi Player includes and have as optional, the following parts:

  • Mamboberry HD DAC+ – (included)
  • IR receiver(with function LED) – (included)
  • IR Remote Control – (included)
  • Power Button(Push button) – (included)
  • 16GB SD Card(pre configured – Class 10) – (included)
  • LCD 16×2 i2c Display – (optional)
  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+ – (optional)

(no power supply included) – You will need a power supply with a micro-usb plug (like a mobile charger) or a 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector, at 5V 2A.


P.S Dispatch time estimated at 3-4 days from ordering…


Side note: Power button is a simple Reset switch. You simply push the Reset button and after few seconds the OS will shutdown safely 🙂

Then you must unplug or switch off your power supply!




5 reviews for Mambo Media HiFi Player(kit)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lars (verified owner)

    The case is lovely. Looks better in reality than on the pictures. Really nice player.

  2. Dieter

    I’m interested in your Media Player Concept. Is it also ready for streaming with tidal and qobouz? Witch OS is just to choose to get all?
    Regards Dieter

    • admin


      Unfortunately neither Tidal or Qobouz are supported as far as i know of 🙁

      Spotify is supported for sure though.

      I am sure they will be supported, but not now.

      PS. If someone knows something else, please share it with us.

      Thank you.

      Collybia Team.

  3. Giovanni

    Is It compatible also with raspberry pi 2?

    • admin

      Hello. Yes of course it is. 100% compatible!
      Regards, Collybia Team.

  4. toto

    Can I purchase from you a fully assembled media player with installed raspberry pi2 instead of 3 version? many thanks

    • admin


      Unfortunately no. Raspberry Pi 2 cannot be found in the market anymore 🙁 If you find it you can send it to us and we will prepare your Media Player Kit.

      Thank you for your interest.

      Kind regards,

      Collybia Team.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    msstavros (verified owner)

    I have gone for the Mambo Media HiFi player, configured with the following components:
    Mamboberry HD DAC+ with Crystek clock
    Raspberry 3
    Volumio player pre-installed and configured.
    I opted for the non-lcd version (since this is a kit version, I might add one later on should I feel the need for it).

    The device comes well packed in a box with the remote control (including its battery). A small adapter (Micro usb to 2.1mm barrel connector) was also included to be used with a micro USB power supply (I already had a power supply from a Raspberry Pi 2). There are also 4 rubber feet with 3M scotch tape to be used on the bottom of the case. Finally a USB to Micro-USB cable with a power switch embedded on the cable is also included.

    The case is rather impressive considering that most similar devices are making use of all plastic cases. The Mambo player uses a full metal case (made of steel), with a thick plastic bottom cover (which from the looks of it, is 3D printed!).
    Total weight was 458 grams (g) or 1 pounds (lbs) with all components mounted. For comparison, my PiDAC+ case (Pi-Case+) with an IQAudio DAC and RPI2 weighs in 240 grams.
    The case is very sturdy and does not allow for any flex whatsoever. Fit and finish are fine and will not look out of place next to a more upmarket device. The cut-outs for the LEDs/IR/power button as well as the various ports of RPI and the DAC are all aligned perfectly. The finish is matte black.

    The Mambo player was connected via an Ethernet connection to my home network, WiFi was disabled from within Volumio, as well as the hotspot functionality. A stock RPi power supply was used, connected directly to the power socket on the Mambo DAC, using the supplied adapter (micro-usb to 2.1mm barrel)

    I am mostly a headphones listener. My listening rig is comprised of the following components:
    Amplifier: Self built Lovely Cube DIY (BCL clone)
    Headphones: Sennheiser HD598

    Listening to the music (mostly FLAC) reveals a very balanced device. All frequencies are reproduced with ample control and presence. Highs are bright and definitely not harsh. Voices are reproduced with excellent clarity and are well placed. Lows are also reproduced clearly and with correct extension. Overall I would say that there is no frequency that is over/under presented.

    What is immediately noticeable is that this DAC makes MUSIC. Dynamics and timing are faithfully reproduced as long as they are present in the recording. Over equalized studio recordings do not sound that good (i.e. it will clearly show a bad recording). This is not something that many similarly priced DACs can accomplish and is testament of a very well executed DAC. Moreover, there is absolutely no background noise (background is completely “black”).
    Finally, even after long sessions (5+ hours of headphones listening) there is no fatigue. This little DAC reproduces music quite wonderfully and has the ability to disappear leaving you to enjoy your favourite music.
    Congratulations to Collybia Team for their efforts and for making this device available at a very reasonable price. Keep up the excelelnt work!!

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Weight 0.771 kg

Mamboberry HD DAC+, MB HD DAC+(with Crystek clk)

MPD Client

MoOde, RuneAudio, Volumio 2

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LCD 16x2 i2c Display

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Raspberry Pi 3

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