Mamboberry LS DAC+ (192kHz/24bit)

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We achieved to keep the high audio quality from Mamboberry HiFi DAC+ and give a more affordable price to this DAC.
Yes, we have accomplished it. We want to bring the best audio quality, to every house. To every music lover out there.

You ask for it. We made it a reality!!

  • XPresso clock
  • Nichicon capacitors
  • Sabre 9023p DAC chip

5V external power supply barrel connector(we suggest a Linear power supply of course).

Extra 40pin connector(ready) for easy mounting on Mambo Media Player or anything else that needs it!

2-years Guarantee, as applied to all products!

PS. No need for an extra power supply. You can power it up through Raspberry Pi USB power supply(for ultimate sound quality we suggest an ext. 5V Linear power supply. Not included). Look also to Mambo power supply page.

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Mamboberry LS DAC+


From the audio Team that brought the high audio quality with sophisticated external power supply designing, to the Raspberry Pi audio community.

Based on the famous Mamboberry Design.

High quality electronic parts from the best International brands(Sabre,Nichicon,Xpresso, etc).

(192kHz/24bit) and capable of 352kHz playback for high resolution audio, on supported platforms(Moode).

We continue our musical “journey” with Mamboberry LS DAC+. Upgrade your Raspberry Pi audio with High Quality 384kHz/32 bit audio resolution.

Our new approach is revolutionary at the audio market for Raspberry Pi – HiFi audio field! We put an extra high quality resistors and we achieve to lower the noise to power rail.

We are very happy for our new audio product and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

After the reviews we have and the feedback from our customers, we can say for sure….LS DAC+ is the best hat-dac for Raspberry Pi.

We do not believe in “exotic” features in dac. We do not believe that only a dac chip will make the “difference” in sound spectrum.

We believe in designing of the board. We believe in our ears and to the years of acoustic experience for sound development and evolution at sound devices.

20 years…We can’t be wrong! ūüôā

Many thanks to all of our customers and reviewers for such an overwhelming positive comments and reviews! Thank you ūüôā

Be sure we will surprise you more, in the near future.

DAC Specs:

  • Only one 5volt AC DC external power supply needed for¬†both, Mamboberry LS DAC+ and the Raspberry Pi,
  • The best sound quality with the dedicated high-quality SABRE DAC (Sabre9023p dac chip)
  • High resolution (192kHz/24bit)
  • Capable of Digital eXtreme Definition DXD 352.8Khz playback!(on boards that support 352.8Khz).
  • Connects directly to the Raspberry Pi,¬†no additional cables needed
  • No soldering. Comes as a pre-fabricated kit. You just plug it onto the Raspberry Pi A+/B+ and 2B/Zero/3B, conform to the Raspberry Pi hardware-attached-on-top (HAT) specification.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi models A+/B+ & Pi2/Zero/Pi3!
  • Dual Ultra-low-noise voltage regulator¬†for optimal audio performance
  • Available with output connectors: RCA¬†
  • Comes with all components required¬†to mount it. We include 2 - M2.5x10mm spacers to fix the board onto the Raspberry Pi.
  • Bidirectional powered!¬†Back-powered ability via io-40pin port for the¬†Raspberry Pi from linear¬†power¬†supply of DAC or the DAC powered from the¬†Raspberry Pi !¬†
  • Uses the¬†I2S signals for pure digital audio transfer to¬†improve the sound quality and reduce CPU load over USB audio solutions!


Hardware components:

  • Nichcon¬† audio series main filter caps¬†
  • Tdk¬†xr7 ceramic caps¬†
  • Xpreso¬†Fox ultra-low jitter oscillator¬†with separate ldo power supply¬†
  • Susumu¬†low noise resistors¬†
  • Dual Texas¬†instrument ultra-low noise dual power supply
  • EVOX PFR in low pass filter!
  • Elna audio series¬†smd electrolytic bypass!¬†

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